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Ár nDúthchas (Translation: "Our Heritage")

Dochartaigh Newletter #33

Email version of #33, May 12, 1996

Theses articles are taken from newsletter # 33.

     This newsletter has taken 20 years to write.

     Well not exactly, but we have been writing them since 1980.  We didn't number the first few as they were not in great amounts and rather restricted in area.  This is listed as # 33, numbering from that Reunion in Michigan, Aug. 1981.  Some of the persons begind that Gathering have left us, but many are still remembering.  1981 had several firsts and some memorable happenings.  Certainly an outstanding feature was the arrival of and talks we received from Eileen and Paddy Doherty of Derry City.  Eileen was a gifted singer and a very social person and those attending were very appreciative of her presence.  Patrick, her husband, better known as Paddy "Bogside" gave a talk on the "Troubles", the Clan and it's history.  His enthusiasm was catching and caused us all to leave with a sense of pride and a steadfastness of purpose.  Out of this has grown our Clann Association and now, 20 years on we are about to sponsor our 4th gathering in this, the "land of our Origin".

     There is to be a Clann Metting during these festivities and we hope it is well attended.  It is time to at least consider "The Passing of the Gavel" on to younger Clann.  It is also time to consider a Permanent trust and a Tax Free Status for this Association.  Let's keep this endeavour alive and functioning on and on!

     Retirees are welcome to spend time with us.  We have a lovely location, as Buncrana Town is walking distance away.  There are some spare bedrooms when the off season is upon us.

Reunion Days, Events and Who is Doing What:

     Our Committees have been meeting often and seriously for years and are all hoping to develop a Gathering that will be very meaningful to Clann at home and to Clann from far away places.

     Our General Chairperson was Paddy "Joe" Doherty of Derry.  He was forced to give up that position due to ill health.  He was very ably replaced by James "sausage" Doherty of Derry.  Both these men were so helpful in past reunions and in many Clann occasions at Headquarters on Inch Island.

     Besides James, there is these assisting from Derry:  Carita Ker, Helena "Saddler" Downey,  Paddy "Bogside" Doherty, Marcus O'Murchu and Sally Doherty Litchfield.  The Inishowen Committees are all listed on the page on which their activities occur.

     There have been many attempts to secure grants in the Ulster and or Donegal areas.  At this time ! April, we are still trying to convice Grant Authorities of our need for help.  It is easy to spend anormous amounts for printing and postage on one issue of a Newsletter.  An example is this:  Newsletter No. 32 (4000 copies):  Printing; IE1880.00, posting IE1278.00 and the conveyance of 1200 newsletter to distributions points in Derry and Donegal, IE80.00.  We also sent out 11,000 flyers to all of Inishowen, informing all householders of the coming reunion and the need of their cooperation.  This cost IE550.00 more.  With the next newsletter ready to go to print and also with posting costs we are facing the same dilemma.  We are also considering a follow-up of the first flyer.  Plans are being set up to get out an excess of 12,000 single page mail outs by mid-May to all of Inishowen.

     We have the added possibility of receiving U.K. Grants as the Derry Committee is working to get some aid.

Daily Schedule, Year 2000 Gathering

The First Day - Friday, 23rd. June

Derry City Day

The following Derry venues will be open for the Clann Reunion:

     Calgach Centre:  Located on the street to the right of the Town Diamond, which is reached by going up the hill of Shipquay St. Celtic Exhibition:  Go back into the ages of the Celtic People, from the earliest of time.  (Will be open every weekday of the Reunion)

     The Tower Museum:  (In the O'Dochartaigh Castle), Contains local history and artifacts of the area.  Dedicated in 1982 by your Clann Herald and Paddy Bogside.  It is at a Main Gate within the Walled City.  (Open daily)

     Guides will be available for touring the City's ancient walls.

     Derry City Coucil will provide a reception at the Clann's arrivals:  It will be held in the evening.  More details later.  You will have the opportunity to meet with Clann Chieftain's family,  City dignitaires and the Reunion Committees at this venue.

     Person in charge of activities this day:  Chairperson: James Doherty.  Committee Members assisting: Marcus O'Murchu, Carita Kerr, Paddy Bogside Doherty, Helena Downey, Sally Litchfield and Paddy Joe Doherty.

     Remember: Interested people will be able to get the latest time, place and details on all Reunion activities from a Souvenir Booklet that is being presented by local O'Doherty businesses and your Clann Headquarters,  (there will be a small charge).  It will be available from:  Derry Tourist Office, Bishop Street; Clann Headquarters, Buncrana; The Inishowen Tourist Office, Carndonagh; Seaview Tavern, Malin Head; Tourist Office, Moville; Heritage Library, Bishop St., Derry.

     Have you ordered a Clann Badge??  (for a small fee as a Clann Headquarters service).  On the reservation sheet, there is a place to order an I.D. badge:  It will have:  Your Name, your area of residence, our crest and the fact of the Reunion.  Please specify.

     To all with Clann connections:  Place the Clann Association meetings on your schedule.  We have problems to discuss and a full agenda.

Clonmany, (Meadow of the Monks)

Saturday, 24, June.

Devide the delegation into 3 groups: (Possibility of 3 minibuses for transport)

Group A:  Tour of windswept shores and hilly mountains.  Tour Guide: John Joe Doherty, Urris.  Several Stops.

Group B:  To Paddy Doherty's Doagh Farm with a "Long Step Back in Time"

Group C:  To O'Doherty's Carrickabraghey Castle for a viewing with a short talk by Joseph Doherty, (Denery).


Evening:  A "Rough and Ready" easily prepared and consumed meal in the area.


Unique Festival "The McGlinchey Festival".

A salute to a great historian who srote engagingly about this old Celtic area which kept it's Irish roots and language for decades longer.  This festival is in its third year.  It is presented by local artists.  Clonmany is an area which is surrounded by mountains and the rolling sea.  (Land of the Mountain Reaches and Foaming beaches).

Announcements on Buses at a later day, June 1st.

Sunday, 25th, June

Grianan Day

3:00 to 5:00pm

Buses will leaving Derry City at 1:30pm and Buncrana at 2:00,  (The demand for tickets will determine the availability of bus runs, no demand, no bus).  If you are driving there, please park your car in the fields as marked.  Mini-buses will be used to take all visitors up to the Grianan, donations for the buses are appreciated.

"The Grianan Aileach"

Possibly the site of the oldest stone structure in Ireland.  It is the site of ancient coronations of the Great Clanns of Ulster.

Programme:  A lovely, traditional afternoon with some of Irelands best entertainers.  In the Souvenir Booklet these artists will be identified with more detail.

Much preparation and cost have gone into this remarkable occasion by the Derry Committee and your Clann Headquarters.

Person in Charge:  Marcus O'Murchu.

To avoid congestion, Mini-buses will take people from and to their cars at this event.

Evening Program: Many hotels and taverns will have special entertainment for the Clann.  Check out your area of residence for events.

Pick up your ID badges at the Clann Center, Shore Front, Buncrana any time.  The Towns of Buncrana, Letterkenny, Ballyliffin, Bridgend, Derry, Malin Head, Carndonagh, Moville, Redcastle and Malin will all have great dinner facilities.  Arrange reservations the day before.

Doherty Restaurants of the area:  Harry's in Bridgend, The Gateway and Lake of Shadows in Buncrana, The Redcastle Hotel and the Seaview at Malin Head.

Monday, 26th, June

Malin Peninsula Day, 10:00am.

The following Malin Day plans are being organised:

Buses and cars bring people to the most northerly peninsula in Ireland, with pick-up-points at: Derry, Buncrana and Moville, (if there is a demand).

Smaller tour buses will be used in the Malin Peninsula:  We will meet at Anthony Doherty's Tavern, Malin Head.  Tour to begin there:  Stops: Ard na Merica, Church of Ireland Cemetery, Lagg Cemetery, Knockameny Bends, Gortna-mullin, Bree Inn, Backlands, Raised Beach, Mary-Rose Hill, Ballyhillion Tower, Farren's Pub, Portmore Pier, Malinwill, "Wee House", Seaview Tavern, etc.  A Certificate will be presented to all you Malin Travelers who have visited this most northerly point in Ireland.  Lunch is scheduled to be at the Bree Inn:  Evening Dinner will be served at Doherty's Seaview Tavern.  Menu of choice for the Clann dinner.  There will be entertainment there.

Reservations and deposit required.  See the reservation page.

Total cost for this Malin tour and meals: IE30.00 (hopefully including buses from the more southern locations).

Chairperson for the day: Kathleen O'Donnell.

Committee: Tony McLaughlin, Michael "Doc" Doherty, Catrina Doherty, Denis Doherty, Paddy Carey and Mary Glackin.

Other Events

Derry City will be having a 1:00 lecture.  It will be held at the Nerve Centre.  Frank D'Arcy, a noted Historian will discuss the Emigration from the North West of Ireland.

There are these usual tours running during the day hours:

Calgach Center:  Located on the street to the right of the Town Diamond, which is reached by going up the hill of Shipquay St.

Celtic Exhibition:  Back into the ages of the Celtic People, from the earliest of time.  (Will be open every week day of the Reunion)

The Tower Museum:  (In the O'Dochartaigh Castle), Contains local history and artifacts of the area.  Dedicated in 1982 by your Clann Herald and Paddy Bogside. (open daily)

Guides will be available for the touring the ancient City Walls.

Most attendees will be wearing I.D. badges (see sample below).  Get an order for your family.  Slip in a $5.00 (cash) for the first badge when sending us the information needed on it Price for family $12.00 for up to 5 or in groups of five.

Tuesday, 27th., June

Derry & Meeting Day

Derry City Day:

Walking tours of the Walled City: Guides are available.
The O'Doherty Fort and Museum and the Calgach Centre will be open for your viewing.
Do enjoy lunch in Derry before the Lecture as we want you at the Clann meeting. 1:00 PM. Daily Lecture: Tony Crowe, a local historian, will be bringing to life the "Story of the Building of Derry, Londonderry". This will be an in depth look at Derry and the Plantation.

Buncrana and an Association Meeting Day:

Doherty's Gateway Hotel is the venue for this meeting. Time: 3:30 PM. till 5:30 PM. So as not to conflict with the Derry activities, we are calling this meeting to order at 3:30 PM sharp.
We hope you can attend. It is open for all who possess Clann relationship. (Refreshments served) We don't meet very often since leaving the USA and Canada. We will promise an up to date report and that you can air your views. Plan on attending with your family. Get them all involved in your Association. We hope many Native Clann will attend. Agenda: Dues; Hall of Fame; Newsletters; New Headquarters; New Clann Herald; Genealogy; Area Assistants; Reunion 2005; Matters arising over this Reunion and New Business. Evening Programmes:The Clann Centre will be open for a session at 7:00. PM. Do have a look see, meet the crew and discuss our future. Meet the famous E-Mail Supremo, Denis Matthews and view the special CD room and share a cup of tea. There are other events in Derry and the Inishowen for evening entertainment. We promise an up to date listing of activities in the SOUVENIR BOOKLET that will be available upon your arrival.  

28th June, Wednesday. A Derry Lecture Day:

The usual Tours are available, to and along the Derry Walls. At 1:00 PM. Gordon Fulton will lecture on on the Irish writer, John B. Keane. He will elaborate on Keane's abilities as a story teller. The Calgach Centre will be open.

Buses will not be running, but the regular year-round schedule will be in effect. Remember to visit O'Doherty businesses in the area:

  • Crana Knits, south of Buncrana on the Derry Rd. It is well signposted.

  • If you missed the Clonmany Day and that visit to Doagh Island, do attempt to visit Carrickabraghy Castle and Paddy Doherty's Doagh Farm.

  • There will usually be people around your Clann Headquarters. Sign in there and see the set-up.

Thursday, 29th., June Buncrana & Derry Day

Walking Tours of the Walled City: Guides are available. The Calgach Centre / the O'Doherty Fort & Museum will be open.

"A Very Political Derry City Day":

1:00 PM. Daily Lecture: All the political parties will elaborate "On the Peace Process" as the "Way Forward" at the Nerve Centre. This is a multi-sided problem discussed from all different political sides. You now move into the Craft Village. Craft Village:
Welcome to a Paddy Doherty reconstructed Medieval village. In Bridie's Cottage, a lecture will be given on "A Taste of Ireland" (Don't miss this well designed area). If demanded: a bus will transport you to Buncrana: A scheduled bus will be running normally.

Northwest Golf Club: (Buncrana)
Golf competition will begin at 2:30 at the Club which is south of the Gateway Hotel. A trophy will be presented at the evening banquet.

7:00 PM. Civic Banquet with an Honours Night:
A Clann Association First: (since 1601)
22,00 Fee.

Reservations are expected. During the day, give a main course preferences. This is a Civic Banquet, Hosted by Buncrana District Council. In attendance: The Chieftain's Family; Urban Councilmen; Clann Dochartaigh Honourees; Distinguished Guests: Reunion Committee Members; Clann Dochartaigh Members.

Honours Night for Clann O'Dochartaigh:

In 2000 AD. we will attempt to honour many Clann who in turn have brought honour upon us. These will be Millennium Awards given to two categories of Dochartaigh with the benevolence of the County Donegal Millennium Committee. This group is especially proud of an opportunity to work with us. They welcome our cousins back from all corners of the world. Buncrana is chosen due to it's lovely venue and surroundings. This will be officiated over by the Chieftain's family. Admiral Pascual O'Dogherty will confer high honours upon many deserving members of this ancient Clann. The O'Dochartaigh meet every 5 years in the "Land of Origin". They are gathering again by the thousands to claim their affiliation to the Irish Clann system and their Celtic Culture.

Friday, 30th.,June-Carn & Derry Day. Carndonagh Day

Buses available, leaving Derry City (Foyle St.)at 11:30 PM. and Buncrana at 12:00, (Clann Centre area. No demand for buses, no bus). Buses bringing folk into Carn. will deposit them at the Town Centre. They will shuttle people from parking areas to the Town Centre. If you are driving to Carndonagh, park your car in the fields as marked. These will be on the East, South and West side of Carn. The Church parking area will be marked. It is just south of the Town Diamond. Buses will be used to shuttle visitors up to the town Centre and to the farther away stops. Do not park in the Town Centre!

Carndonagh at 1:00 PM.

Programme: Walking tours of the Town Centre: The Doherty Diamond, designed and supervised by Gary "Fintin" Doherty, Carndonagh, (as explained by Gary Himself) Wesley Hall Museum, (just a stop): The famous Donagh Cross; New Council Offices; McDaid and McCrossen Artist Exhibits, etc. At about 2:30 PM light tea at the Quiet Lady, Tul-na-ree, Boston Burger, etc.After Tea-A "Walk About" in the close vicinity of the Town Centre: To the refurbushed Chapel; The extensive Cemetery; Good local shopping. A bus is available for a trip to the Mass Rock.

6:00 to 8:00 in the Town Centre.

A Gala Show of Irish Step Dancing, a local Brass Band, singing, etc. Evening Programmes: All attendees will be separated into two groups. The Wee House in Magheramore: People will be invited to traditional Irish dancing. Fun with local Clann. A warm meal will be served about 9:00 PM. Closing time: 12:00PM. Buses to parking areas & further pick-up points. Tullanree Music & Dance Hall: Presents a step dancing exhibition. Top Class Dancers will be preforming for us. Meals will be served, bar available. Closing time: 12:00. Day costs:There will be desiginated charges on buses, food, entertainment. (All in Punts). Person in Charge: Joe "Paul" Doherty. Committee members assisting: Moira "Sadler" Doherty, Albert "Oregon" Doherty, Mary Doherty, Benny "Yarrel" Doherty, John "Paul" Doherty, Elizabeth Doherty and Letitia "Glackin" Doherty. Buses will return all visitors to their cars or to Derry or Buncrana.

Derry Lecture: Frank D'Arcy will discuss that word that is so connected to the NW of Ireland, "Emigration" with unusual angles. The Usual City Tours as previously listed. Have you picked up your ID badge from Headquarters?. Saturday, 1st. July Buncrana & Derry Day.

No lectures over the weekend. Derry is wide open for shopping or a walk about. There are several bus companies in this area: There is Swilly Bus Co., Ulster Bus Co. and the Northwest Bus Co. Check timetables locally.

In Buncrana, on the Banks of the Swilly!

Arrangements: Buncrana Town will be the venue for an honours day for some heroes of the O'Doherty Clann. Two monuments are to be dedicated. Seminar: Before honouring these past Clann combatants, there will be a short narrative on their lives. Check with the Souvenir booklet for exact time and place. Programme: Early afternoon. Cahir "Rua" O'Dogherty born in 1587, slaughtered in 1608. He was the last Chieftain of the old Gaelic Irish order. His memorial will be on the approach to the Crana Bridge, NW of the Town. John Doherty who was born in Buncrana had strong sympathies towards the working class. He became the greatest Union organiser in the British Isles. This dedication ceremony is to be sponsored by the SIPTU Union.
His time period would have been in the early 1800s.
This monument will be in the same general area as the Cahir "Rua" memorial in the Crana Bridge area. Naval Engagements During the Reunion: In recognition of the naval connection of our Chieftain's Family, the Minister of Defense has been written to, requesting a visit from an Irish Naval vessel. His office confirms 'Subject to operational requirements, a ship will be present in Lough Swilly'. By: Seamus Doherty, Ballynarry, Buncrana. Person in Charge of the SIPTU memorial, Seamus Doherty with a written report by Francis Devine, a Dublin Professor. Person in charge of the Cahir "Rua" monument, John Doherty. This completes the Reunion activities for the day. Enjoy the evening ! Your Clann Headquarters will be open for a visit. Any questions about the area, the Clann or the Reunion, feel free to call in. If nobody answers, walk right in. Call the Clann Centre at the number below.

The badge I.D.'s are a unique idea suggested for the 1985 Reunion by Elbert Covington, whose parentage goes back to the Dougherty's of Kentucky. With this Company, "Badge a Minute" we have found a way to do this. We hope you show interest and enjoy it's purpose.   Monday, 3rd., July,

Derry Day: Lecture time with a radio wit; Anita Robinson, who is a local and vibrant radio commentator, will be at the Nerve Centre with an up-to-date topic. The Heritage Lirary will be expecting your presence during this Gathering, (Bishop St. Derry) There will be the usual tours and noteworthy places for your attention within the City of Derry. Arrangements: There are many well known places to visit out in Co. Antrim, Tyrone, West Donegal and the Inishowen. See the Tourist Office in your area for assistance. Have you visited Clann Headquarters on the Shore Front Buncrana ?? They will have many brochures on local scenery and attractions. Programme: Many Hotels and Taverns will have Irish, Country and Modern Music. So check around. There are discos in the Inishowen for the younger crowd. The Regular yearly Buses from Derry and from the Inishowen will be operating.Tuesday, 4th.,July. Clann Castle Day in the Inishowen: From the famous Burt Castle to the infamous Greencastle, we will
scrutinise the medieval fortresses of this powerful Clann.

Tales from the middle ages and views of the structures we used to protect the shorelines and the rivers from the Danes, the Norse, the Normans, the Saxons, the Scots and the British. A knowledgeable speaker will highlight the areas. Now (April) we are planning on a large bus to transport the people who sign up for this adventure. We may have a bus leave from Derry to a gathering place at Burt. We may have a smaller bus to run people from Buncrana south to Burt Castle. It will depend on your reservations. A public address system will be used to explain all the features of Inishowen as we pass through what is also known as Dochartaigh Country. Meeting Place for the start of the Tour:
At Burt Castle at 11:00 AM. ((Private land, so stay in a group)
A Walk about with a discussion of the history of the area. On to Culmore Fort for a view of this strategic location and it's importance to the Irish and why the English wanted it. Into Muff and up the East Coast of the Inishowen with a stop at the Iskaheen Cemetery. A poignant story is told here on an old tombstone of the brothers, Conal and Owen, two of our ancient links. A meal will be planned enroute, as we head north. Continuing along the shores of Lough Swilly, we visit Whitecastle, then on through Moville. The final Castle of the Day: Greencastle, with the sadness and the glory of this exceptional fortification. You will all be turned loose to secure your evening meal. There are several places in the area that can accommodate your needs. A time-honoured evening has been arranged for you. It is "The Way Things Were" by Patsy Cavanagh and Friends. It includes music, drama, song and dance at the Cairn Theature in Greencastle. This special show will encompass the local history of O'Dochartaigh. You will be presented a traditional meal of Irish Stew, brown bread, and scones. Person in charge this day: Kathleen Daugherty Barr, (Kitty, our Clann Secretary for many years). Committee members assisting: Mary Doherty Harley, Joan Doherty, Valerie O'Brien and Albert Doherty. Charles Doherty will be one of the lecturing historians to accompany us on the tour. 
Wednesday, 5th. of July

Programme: Lecture Series continues: Popular Mary Murray will talk at the Nerve Center on "Looking at Derry as an Outsider"

Tours of the City are on going

There are certain requirements that all able bodied Clann will have attended to by now: 4 Sites in Derry: The Calgach Centre, The Doherty Tower Museum, the walk around the Walled City and those great 1:00 Lectures.
In Buncrana: Clann Headquarters, a Clann Meeting, (at least one of the two) and the new Clann Memorials. Do look over the Clann memorabilia at Clann Headquarters You can always order when arriving home. We would rather you take it with you though. It does help pay for some of the tens of thousands of Irish Pounds needed to put up front for expenses.
A Special Day in Buncrana: A Craft Fair and a Fashion Show with a Clann Dinner.

VENUE: At the Gateway Hotel, Buncrana. 4:00 Doors will open for the Craft Show: Crafts are from all parts of the Inishowen and from other nearby areas. There will be many different categories of crafts on show: Knitwear, Tweeds, Jewellery, Pottery, Paintings and Dochartaigh Paraphernalia.

7:30 PM:The Clann Dinner will commence:

The Fashion Show will begin during the course of the meal. Locally made garments, both traditional and modern fashion will be modeled. These garments will be on sale at the end of the show. -Lovely Irish Music will be presented afterwards and the floor cleared for dancing. A lovely time is to be had by all. Person in Charge: Rosaleen Hegarty.
Committee assisting: Joyce Doherty, Una Doherty Sheridan. Cost for the evening: 20 Buses will return all visitors to Derry and other collection points. Just a note: This is Reunion No. 4 and your associations 15th. year in the Inishowen. We had 5 years in the USA/Canada prior to that. Help is needed, new bold ideas and a blood transfusion of a sort would be helpful. Any ideas and/or offers should be presented in writing to Headquarters during the 2000 yr. event. A helpful gesture would be for you to send them to Headquarters well before the Gathering.  
Thursday, 6th. July Malin Peninsula Day

The following Malin Day plans are being organised : The starting times not listed, will be posted in the souvenir Book. Buses and cars will bring people to the most northerly peninsula in Ireland, with pick-up-points at: Derry, Buncrana and up the east coast of Inishowen, (Muff, Moville, Culdaff). Reservations will determine the routes. Meeting place: Anthony Doherty's Tavern. The tour begins there. Stops: Ard na Merica, Cemeterys, Knockameny Bends, Gortnamullin, Bree Inn, Backlands, Raised Beach, Mary-Rose Hill, Ballyhillion Tower, Farren's Pub, Portmore Pier, Malinwell, "Wee House", Seaview Tavern, etc. Lunch and perhaps a dinner is planned: Menu of choice for a possible Clann dinner. Still to be determined. The big occasion will be to meet 40 Americans who will join us in a Dedication Ceremony. They have invited us to partake in this significant "Cross the Ocean" venture. Area Leader: Kathleen O'Donnell. Committee: Tony McLaughlin, Michael "Doc" Doherty, Catrina Doherty, Denis Doherty, Paddy Carey and Mary Glackin. With demand, we will have buses bringing people north. By now, we will have set a sched-ule and pattern for these lovely, secluded places in the heart of O'Dochartaigh Country. We may have a Clann Dinner set up by Reunion time at the Malin Hotel, Malin Town. If this is the case, buses will bring people from Malin Head into Malin Town for a walk about. This is one of the cleanest towns in Ireland, having won such awards over the years.

Other Events

Derry City will be having a One O'Clock lecture. We will looking forward to Paddy "Bogside" discussing the rebuilding of Derry City. As he was the prime mover in this endeavor, we will be getting it from the "man" himself. It will be held in Derry. Do check the "Souvenir Booklet" for the details. Calgach Center: Located on the street to the right of the Town Diamond, which is reached by going up the hill of Shipquay St. Celtic Exhibition: Back into the ages of the Celtic People, from the earliest of time. (Will be open every week day of the Reunion) The Tower Museum: (In the Dochartaigh Castle), Contains local history and artifacts of the area. Dedicated in 1982 by your Clann Herald and Paddy Bogside. (Open daily). Guides will be available for touring the ancient City Walls.  Friday, July 7 "Final Day" of the Organized Reunion: .Keep in mind that this need not be your final time in the locality as there are festivals and other entertaining events going on for the summer. A very merry Derry Day is on fare for you. 1:00 P.M.

The final Noontime lecture will be provided by a distinguished member of the Chieftains Family and a very worthy member of Clann Dochartaigh. Admiral Pascual will give a well researched presentation of the History and Lineage of our Clann. A wonderful climax to a most stirring and eventful 2 weeks. Time: 1:00 PM.- At the Nerve Centre on Magazine St., above the Castle St. Gate.

Extra ! Extra !

We understand Admiral Pascual will give the above presentation in Buncrana area also. The Souvenir Booklet will give the location and time of his talk. To those of you not attending, his dissertation will be provided to you. He is a remarkable researcher and his work must become a part of this Clann's Archives.

The Last Hurrah!

Derry City opened the Reunion, it will also bring this most memorable Gathering to it finale. The "Farewell and Safe Home" Reception will be an occasion to remember. It will be a Civic affair in the City of Derry and scheduled for the evening time. A dance to follow this reception will bring down that closing curtain on this 2000 year celebration.

All Derry activities have been under the guidance of James Doherty and his exceptional Derry Committee of: Helena Downey, Carita Kerr, Marcus Murchu and Paddy "Bogside", with Paddy Joe assisting where his health allowed. 

This email newsletter is produced by clann-member Brian Baker in association with O'Dochartaigh Clann Headquarters Buncrana, Republic of Ireland.

---Brian Baker

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