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People and places of the past

  • Irish Identity - by Hoganstand Magazine
    Links to a number of informative articles that summarize Irish history
  • Roots of a Man [movie tailer
    Jeff Campagna seeks his roots in Inishowen, where the history of our clan history comes to life. This movie was released at the July 2005 reunion. A must see for every Doherty.
  • The Flight of the Earls [book]
    By Dr. John McCavitt, 2002
    "On the 14th September 1607, the earls of Tyrone and Tyrconnell, boarded a ship at Rathmullan on Lough Swilly, bound for Spain. This event was known both at the time and ever since as ‘The Flight of the Earls’ and is widely regarded as one of the most enigmatic events in Irish history, virtually defying explanation.”
  • Death of Cahir, 1608
    Why our clan commemorates Cahir O'Dogherty...the last prince of Inishowen.

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