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  • McDade - by Anne McDade Barrett, email Oct 27, 2005

    "July [2005] found me in the middle of getting my McDade book ready for the printers.  My book begins in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1848 when my McDades escaped the Irish famine...
    In one of the late 1990s issues of the O'Dochartaigh Clan Association Newsletters I saw the story of Conaill and Eoghan, how the O'Doherty's et al were descended from Conaill and how the sons of David Doherty came to be McDade/McDaid, McDevitt, McDavits et al and other branch names...
    In 2004 an Irish researcher out of Derry gave the following information:  In 1850 over half of all McDades in Ireland were located in County Donegal; most of the rest were divided betwen the adjacent parts of County Derry and County Tyrone.  He triangulated three family names for me -- McDade, Leonard, and McCormick--to Donegal, townlands of Carrick (Donaghmore R.C. Parish) and Braid (Lifford R.C. Parish)(both in the Diocese of Derry) -- about ten miles apart.  That is where I am on my McDade Ireland research.
    I have posted to www.mcdade.bravepages.com.  This is listed as a Scottish McDade site and I have corresponded with the powers that be over the past two years.
    Who is prepared to establish an Irish McDade site?  Do you know anyone that is specializing in McDade research in Ireland?  I don't feel qualified to lead a team...but I am certainly interested in being on a McDade team."

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